We specialise in 2 main areas of Market Research:

Firstly, the set-up and management of Online Surveys.
Our main tool is Decipher (from FocusVision) for fast, powerful and reliable surveys. The Decipher platform is continually being updated – for the latest demonstration of what it can do, please click HERE.
This shows clear examples of the different types of questions that can currently be incorporated
into online surveys, along with some examples of custom-built questions. There is also an
example of a Dashboard, which can be used to show simple key results – which is constantly updated during fieldwork.
We have also prepared two demonstration surveys of our own:
The first shows a range of question types within a survey environment – the link is HERE.
The second is a complete short survey, based on a coffee theme – the link is HERE.

Secondly, Data Analysis.
We can process data from all major platform types, including Triple-S, SPSS and Excel, and create the resulting tabular analysis as required – typically in PDF or Excel formats. We can further export the cleaned data to other packages, such as SPSS and Snap.

We have worked with a number of DP agencies over the last twenty plus years and the best ones have a strong attention on detail, they think ahead for us and meet every project milestone by doing what they say they are going to do. Matt Eagle is someone who definitely delivers on all of these and we have been delighted to be working with him over the last five years.
Trevor MillardDirector at The Halo Works Ltd

Please give us a call on +44 (0)7939 221586.